Leading the way in
pioneering new uses
for Ozone.

Our patented technology is transforming approaches to chemical-free surface decontamination across the food and medical industries. Following years of dedicated research and development we are now proudly bringing our new approach to market – partnering with several leading food manufacturers and retailers, integrating our technology into their process to reduce food waste and increase food safety.

destroys bacteria

Anacail Research

Founded in 2011 as a spin out from the University of Glasgow, our team is led by founder and chief scientist Dr Hugh Potts. At our dedicated facility in Scotland, our team of microbiologists, food scientists, physicists and engineers work to examine the effects of our ozone technology on your product. We listen to our customers' problems and then design trials to best determine how we can remove those problems. It’s a collaborative process, we work together with you and provide all the support you need including trial design, trial execution and trial reporting. Good science is the cornerstone of our business.

destroys bacteria

Anacail Engineering

We make machines! Our engineering studio collaborates with clients, ensuring expert integration of our ozone technology into their process. Each application is unique and we take the time to find the best fit, adapting our approach to realise the perfect solution. Our machines are safe, reliable and maybe just a little bit beautiful. (We think so, anyway!) Bring us your problems. We love a complex challenge. Or a simple one.