A revolutionary
approach to food
safety & quality


Food waste and food safety are issues that concern all of us in today’s complex world. We decided to address the challenge head on. And we’ve got a solution.

  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Extend Shelf Life
  • Make food safer
  • Improve in-pack quality
  • Sell More. Sell Longer.
  • Happier Customers

The Technology

Our in-pack machine fits seamlessly into your production line. Usually situated after the packaging equipment, each machine is designed to match the output from the upstream equipment without the need for tool changes. Safety, reliability and cost effectiveness come as standard.

The Science

destroys bacteria

Ozone gas in a naturally occurring germicide containing three oxygen atoms. It’s a powerful oxidizing agent.

destroys bacteria

These properties make it the ideal way to naturally treat against bacteria, mould spores, viruses, yeasts, biofilms and human pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli.

destroys bacteria

Our patented Anacail technology uses a cold plasma system that generates a high concentration of Ozone inside a sealed pack. A small proportion of the existing oxygen in the pack is converted into ozone.

destroys bacteria

Ozone gas breaks open the cell membrane of microbes destroying the organism in question.

destroys bacteria

Using only a small percentage of oxygen within the pack, following treatment the ozone reverts back to oxygen within minutes.

The Evidence

Anacail is partnering with leading fruit & vegetable manufacturers, integrating our innovative inpack Ozone technology into their production process. Extensive tests with food producers, food retailers and independent food science labs demonstrate the benefits.

Increase Shelf Life

Packs of cherry tomatoes sellable after 7 days

treated tomatoes
untreated tomatoes

These are genuine results from blind trials carried out at Anacail and at our customer. For more comprehensive data, please take a look here. At Anacail, the science always comes first.

Increase Food Safety

Reduction of microbes
in tomatoes

reduction of microbes in tomatoes

Reduction of E.coli
in tomatoes

reduction of ecoli in tomatoes

The Anacail in-pack system is a powerful tool in reducing yeasts, moulds and bacteria on foodstuffs, particularly for those with Ready To Eat applications. Human pathogens are also significantly reduced. For more in depth data, please visit our updates page. At Anacail, the science always comes first.

Reduction of mould / yeast
in raspberries

mold yeast in raspberries
Increase Food Quality

Increasing quality of
raspberries by reducing
mould in packs

Increasing quality of
raspberries by reducing
mould in packs

The Anacail in-pack system is a powerful tool in improving the quality through the existing shelf life. It retards the growth of moulds and yeasts and allows you to sell more of your fruit for longer. Other spoilage mechanisms such as wet rot and browning are also reduced. The results above are from laboratory experiments which have been further demonstrated in production environments. At Anacail, the science always comes first.

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